Fog and Rain seen in the Patapon 2 World Map

Throughout the Patapon games, you'll encounter many types of Weather that can help or hinder your quest. In Patapon 3, you can see whats the Weather via the map description.

Types of Weather Edit

The following weather can be seen in the Patapon series.


  • Rain
  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Storm
  • Fog
  • Sandstorm
On the "World Map", it is shown as spiraling, greenish air streams across the sky. It can increase or decrease the range of Yaripons, Yumipons, and Megapons, depending which way the wind is blowing. The most common weather, wind can be combined with any other weather except fog and sandstorms to whip the material falling around. In Patapon 3, Alosson's Set Skill "Tropical Tailwind" can change the wind to Tailwind during Fever.


On the "World Map", it is shown as grey clouds with rain drops falling. Increases your Patapons' Resist Ignite and lowers their Ignite Ratio. It also shortens the duration of fires. In Patapon 3, Piekron's Set skill "Rain Dance" can summon rain when fever strikes.


On the "World Map", it is shown as grey clouds with rain drops falling and lightning strikes. It has the same effects as Rain, plus lightning which staggers and ignites your Patapons, dealing minor damage as well. In Patapon 2 and 3 stagger effects are far more effective.


On the "World Map", it is shown as grey fog over the bottom of the screen. Creates limited visibility, but your Patapons still get the look in their eye when the enemies are within range. If it is foggy in Dongara Ruins, a Majidonga will appear.


On the "World Map" it is shown as clouds with little white dots falling. Freezes your Patapons and enemies at random intervals. No effect on bosses. If it is snowing at Dongara Ruins, a Kacchindonga will appear; this is extremely rare.


On the "World Map" it is shown as snow-like brown dots being blown around by high speed winds. Causes limited visibility, similar to the conditions of fog. Can be removed with rain/snow. Only in deserts.