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Yumiyacha, with his rockstar attitude and killer marksmanship, is the stuff legends are made of. He'll run around the rear of the pack taunting enemies to look up and see the face of death in the tip of wicked-sharp arrows. Wind current affects his attack distance, but he doesn't care, he just like the way it makes his hair flutter.
  — Quoted from the official North American Patapon 3 website. 
Image 1016.png
Equipment Bows, Crossbows
Stamina Low
Weight 5
  • Choosing him at the start of the game.
  • Taterazay Level 15 or Yarida Level 15 (Uberhero only)

The basic archer class. Launches attacks from the rear. Favorable winds carry the arrows further.
  — US In-game description 

Yumiyacha (ユミヤッチャ) is a Yumipon Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. He is one of the three parent classes, the others being Taterazay and Yarida; the player chooses one of them at the beginning of Patapon 3, each one having separate abilities and attributes. Yumiyacha is a long-distance class who provides supporting fire for the rest of the team, capable using his bow to pick off distant opponents and inflict various status effects. However, his low stamina makes him incredibly vulnerable should enemies close get too close.


Yumiyacha sports a green mask and wears a yellow-green cape by default. His default hairstyle is a long flick with an 8-pointed star on the tip.

Yumiyacha's mask remains the same as he evolves.


Yumiyacha is revived by Silver Hoshipon and the Almighty, once you play as him you march toward the sound of the Pata Drum where you find Hatapon praying to the Almighty for help, he joins you and you march back towards your petrified Patapon comrades where Silver Hoshipon will revive three Patapon warriors, Ton Yaripon, Chin Tatepon and Kan Yumipon and he drops Ka-ching on the way. Hatapon will take Meden (still petrified) on the way.


Yumiyacha can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Bows by default
  • Crossbows at level 5.


Yumiyacha is at level 1 when he is unlocked, which is either if the player chooses him at the beginning of the game, or when either Taterazay or Yarida reach level 15.

  • When Yumiyacha reaches level 3, Wondabarappa is unlocked.
  • When Yumiyacha reaches level 5, Pingrek is unlocked.
  • When Yumiyacha reaches level 7, Alosson is unlocked.
  • When Yumiyacha and Pingrek reach level 8, Oohoroc is unlocked.
  • When Yumiyacha and Alosson reach level 12, Cannogabang is unlocked.
  • When Yumiyacha reaches level 15, Taterazay and Yarida are unlocked, if the player has not already unlocked them (Uberhero only).

Uberhero Mode: Meteo Arrow[]

"Fire a barrage of arrows into the sky which falls down a moment later and impale enemies, causing heavy damage."
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png
  • Combo: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

During Meteo Arrow, Yumiyacha fire a volley of large arrows high into the air which rain back down in even greater numbers, piercing all terrain and enemies. The number of additional arrows is equivalent to his highest unlocked Quickshot Class Skill. For example, if Yumiyacha has gained access to Quickshot 3, he'll fire three arrows into the sky, followed by six arrows appearing to deal damage.

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Quickshot 2.png
Quickshot 2
Fire two arrows in succession with charge attack or during Fever. Unlocked by default Firing arrows, either attacking or defending. (240 exp)
Quickshot 3.png
Quickshot 3
Fire 3 arrows. Superior skill to Quickshot 2. Master "Quickshot 2" Firing arrows, either attacking or defending. (160 exp)
Quickshot 4.png
Quickshot 4
Fire 4 arrows. Superior skill to Quickshot 3. Master "Quickshot 3" Firing arrows, either attacking or defending. (80 exp)
Quickshot 5.png
Quickshot 5
Fire 5 arrows. Superior skill to Quickshot 4. Master "Quickshot 4" Firing arrows, either attacking or defending. (40 exp)
Quickshot 6.png
Quickshot 6
Fire 6 arrows. Superior skill to Quickshot 5. ★Welcome bonus: all status effects +10% Master "Quickshot 5" Firing arrows, either attacking or defending. (20 exp)

Set Skills[]

Yumiyacha can equip up to four Set Skills. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of five.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Bow Attack 1 20% boost to attack power when equipped with a bow, longbow, or crossbow. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 3
Bow Attack 2 30% boost to attack power when equipped with a bow, longbow, or crossbow. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 8
Bow Attack 3 40% boost to attack power when equipped with a bow, longbow, or crossbow. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 15
Bow Attack 4 50% boost to attack power when equipped with a bow, longbow, or crossbow. Effect halved for other weapons. Reach level 25
Peerless Bow (Uberhero only) Damage inflicted increase 100%, but damage taken goes up 150%. Reach level 32


Yumiyacha Tips.png

  • When selecting an Uberhero at the start of the game, Yumiyacha is a risky choice, especially for new players. While his description makes him sound appealing, he needs much more time to develop compared to the incredibly offensive and customizable of Yarida or the bulky tanking of Taterazay. Yumiyacha is more of a long-run class compared to the other starters.
  • Yumiyacha's class tree presents a lot of interesting classes such as Jamsch and Cannogabang. Skilled players should choose Yumiyacha if they wish to get a head-start on unlocking these classes.


Level Stamina Defence
1 180 0
2 216 0
3 288 0
4 396 0
5 540 0
6 720 0
7 936 0
8 1188 0
9 1476 0
10 1800 0
11 2160 0
12 2556 0
13 2988 0
14 3456 0
15 3960 0
16 4500 0
17 5076 0
18 5688 0
19 6336 0
20 7020 0
21 7740 0
22 8496 0
23 9288 0
24 10116 0
25 10980 0
26 11880 0
27 12816 0
28 13788 0
29 14796 0
30 15840 0
31 16920 0
32 18036 0
33 19188 0
34 20376 0
35 21600 0
36 22860 0
37 24156 0
38 25488 0
39 26856 0
40 28260 0

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Yumiyacha and all Yumiyacha-based classes don't inherit any Class Skills from other classes.
  • Yumiyacha's last Set Skill, Peerless Bow, is similar to Alosson's Set Skill, Desperado, except Yumiyacha's skill increases damage dealt, and taken, by an extra 50% comparing to Desperado.
  • Unlike other classes (apart from Alosson with a piercing bow), he is the only one that can shoot arrows through a gate/entrance while his Uberhero Mode is active.
  • Although Kan as Yumiyacha can be seen with a Poison Longbow on the American cover of the game, Yumiyacha never equip longbows in-game without using glitches.
  • As an Uberhero, Yumiyacha doesn't have visible Eagle Eye: an indicator that shows that an attackable enemy is within range. However, the Uberhero will hold his weapon differently when enemies are in his sight.
  • Occasionally when Yumiyacha shoots his arrows at the sky in Hero Mode, he would be able to damage those units from above, such as Deaths.
  • Out of all the 3 main Uberheroes, Yumiyacha is the only one of the 3 that gets a welcome bonus when his Class Skills are fully upgraded. This is because his Class Skills are not passed on to other classes, like how Yarida passes on his Class Skills to spear-throwing classes.
  • Alosson fires arrows based on attack speed, while Yumiyacha fires 1 - 6 arrows (from Class Skills) for every attack speed interval. (e.g Fire 3 arrows every two seconds)


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Spear Class
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Archer Class