Ziggerzank Character

Official reference for the Ziggerzank in Patapon 1.

The Ziggerzank is a Zigoton war machine seen in Patapon 1, Patapon 2, and known as the Ziggertank in Patapon 3.

Bio Edit

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Spiderton, Ziggerzank & Beetleton.

Patapon 1Edit

In its first appearance, the Ziggerzank is fought in the mission Across Enemy Territory, where it is guarded by Zigoton General Spiderton. Its main weapon is a cannon which deals heavy damage and sometimes ignites its foes. The Ziggerzank also fires ballistas which put Patapons to sleep, and with three arrows being launched at once, it can destroy your army if not handled carefully. Despite the overwhelming odds, the Patapons managed
Parabola of hope- ziggertank

Ziggerzank in Patapon 2

Ziggertank P 3 - With Drivers

Fan-made render of the Ziggertank in Patapon3

to destroy it, along with General Spiderton himself.

Patapon 2Edit

The Ziggerzank returns under the command of Gong the Hawkeye, as backup and support for the Patapon Army in the stage Parabola Of Hope. It only serves to distract the enemy and, sadly, it doesn't really have the firepower to bring down Sokshi Gate. However, as a tank, it gets the job done and gives you time to set up a good tailwind to fire the catapult at the Gate. Note that it may have a relation to Zugagang, a Karmen form of the Ziggerzank
Ziggerzank patapon3

Ziggertank in Patapon 3

that features a larger design and is operated by Karmens.

Patapon 3 Edit

The Ziggerzank returns in Patapon 3 serving the same purpose it did in Patapon 2; however, instead it being called Ziggerzank, the Zigotons have renamed it as the Ziggertank. In the quest Covet-hiss Loves Cannons, the Zigotons arrive under the command of Ravenous, being told to assist the Patapons. This time, the Ziggertank is improved. It has a freeze cannon (similar to Superweapon Org's ice machine guns). The cannon can shoot concentrated blasts of ice and a freeze ray. This new attachment replaces the old cannons that were once there in Patapon and Patapon 2, thus making it more damaging and useful. It is also more durable than before, but if it takes too much damage, it can break down.


  • Zugagang

    Zugagang, Ziggerzank of the Karmens

    The Patapon 2, Ziggerzank is slightly bigger than its counterpart from Patapon 1.
  • The Ziggerzank is always mounted by Zigotons; one controlling the turrets, and the other managing the fuel.
  • In Patapon 3, the Zigotons who control Ziggertank are slightly larger.
  • Karmen's have their own massive variant of Ziggerzank, Zugagang.
  • The Ziggerzank is the only device from the Zigotons to have changed its name, unlike the Catapult in the Patapon 2 stage, Parabola of Hope.
    Ziggerzank - With Drivers

    Fan-made render of the Ziggerzank in Patapon 1

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