The Zigoton Drum is a drum in Patapon wielded by Queen Kharma. It seems to be a Zigoton analogue to the drums of the Mighty Patapon. Unlike the Patapon drums, it contains two drums in one.

The drum appears in the mission, Final Showdown!, as one of Kharma's attacks. Should you not be in Fever mode, she has a chance of conjuring up the drum for use. When she drums "BADA BADA BADA BON", you must activate the Retreat song, the Storm Miracle, or a Djinn (Patapon 3). Otherwise, the beat of the drum will automatically cause your Patapons to perform the march command, heading towards the Zigoton Queen before being zapped with extra-powerful lightning.



The Zigoton Drum has similar beats to the Patapon Drums but with different names.

  • Bada = Pata
  • Bon = Pon

It is unknown if the Zigotons have a counterpart for the Chaka and Don drums.


  • It looks similar to the Pata Drum, except with a circle on the top and demonic horns.
  • The Zigoton Drum is the only known drum that can make two different beats.
  • In the Patapon 3 DLC quest "The Witch and the Thunder Beast", the Zigoton Drum makes a second appearance, but along with the lightning being struck on the Patapons, the Thunder beast can also attack the Patapons, should they get too close.
  • In the Tree Minigame with Ubo Bon, he sings "Bon Bon Bo-Bon" which is similar to the beats.