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Zigotons Attack



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Zigotons Attack is a mission in Patapon, in which the advancing Patapon army must briefly turn from their conquest to defend Patapolis from Zigoton retaliation.


This is a very simple mission, pitting you against several waves of Zigoton soldiers. Most of the Zigotons 
Ziggotons attack mission

A part of the mission

are nothing new; Yaritons, Tatetons, and Yumitons but there's a new face on the enemy side: the horse-riding Kibatons.

Unlike the other types of Zigoton, Kibatons can approach your army at great speed thanks to their mounts. Their charge can knock Patapons backward, forcing them to walk back into position before they can attack. A Tatepon defense is the safest method to defend yourself, but they will also be pushed backwards without Fever Mode. Kibatons move around a bit, so your spears and arrows might miss a few times, but a concentrated assault after blocking their charge is usually a good time to bring them down.

Enemy damage output is a little higher than before, as they are equipped with better equipment and they are greater in numbers. However, every wave you defeat will generate a health potion, so if you can keep your Patapons alive until then, they'll be fighting fit for the next wave. Once you figure out your best anti-Kibaton strategy, the rest of the mission can be won through basic combat skills.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 10 - Zigotons Attack

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 10 - Zigotons Attack

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