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Zigotons Attack Again?! is a mission in Patapon. Once again, the Patapon army must break off their advance on their enemies' lands in order to fend off a retaliatory attack poised to conquer their own city.


"A large Zigoton force has swooped in from Mt. Bachikoi AGAIN! Kami's army must face them in Dodon Basin, lest Patapolis be taken!"


As the name suggests, this is a standard all-out battle mission. You'll see the usual hordes of Yaritons, Tatetons, and Yumitons, with the occasional Kibaton or Dekaton reinforcement. Apart from the horses and brutes, the only real differences are better weapons and more Professional Zigotons among the enemy ranks. As usual, there is a potion halfway through to restore any lost health, so try to keep all your units alive until then.

By this point, you've probably played enough to know your preferred combination of units,

so use whatever you like. If you have a hard time maintaining Fever mode, Tatepons are the way to go, while Kibapons are effective anti-Dekaton and Tateton units. Enemy Kibatons are easily deflected by the defense song (Chaka Chaka Pata Pon), and a sustained barrage of spears and arrows should put a quick end to them once they're not charging.

It's really not much tougher than previous Zigoton assaults, so basic combat tactics should win the day. Don't worry; Meden will finally get an idea to put a stop to this annoyance after the mission.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 14 - Zigotons Attack..

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 14 - Zigotons Attack...Again?!

Thanks to TehNevs for letting us post this

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