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Level Info
Enemies Zigotons
Next Level Crack the Zigoton Fort!
Previous Level Escape from Exile
Background Music Ushishi's Theme

Zigotons Strike Back is a mission in Patapon 1, in which the Patapons must repel a Zigoton invasion force intent on preventing any further advances.


"The Zigotons have launched a counterattack in Eyeball Forest! Soldiers wait in ambush at every turn! Quick, use the Tatepons! Victory to Patapons!"


Ziggotons strike back.jpg

Before you go into this mission, it's recommended to have at least three Tatepons. If you can manage to produce a Mofeel Tatepon (Tender Meat from Motiti + Titanium Ore from the Ubo Bon minigame), let him stand in the front because Mofeels have good defense and high HP. They don't do well against fire, but that won't be a problem yet. More Yaripons never hurt, either.

When you go into the mission, the Zigotons will "ambush" you (you'll see why ambush is in quotes). Fend them off as they come. After a few ambushes, you'll be surely low in health, but you'll come across a green potion which replenishes any lost health from your Patapons. Most of the enemy attacks will be focused on Tatepons, so either have enough Tatepons to keep up your defenses, have a good tank like the Mofeel Rarepon, or just stay in Fever mode as long as possible.

Destroy the house to get a Steel Spear and head to the end of the mission.



Let's Play Patapon - Mission 4 - Zigotons Strike Back

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